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Customer Service




We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, and Paypal payments directly through our secure, encrypted shopping cart.

Credit cards used for Pre-Order merchandise will be charged $1.00 per pre-order item to ensure the credit card being used is valid at the time of order. This is to protect the cardholder. The balance owed on pre-orders will usually be charged a couple of days before the product arrives in order to facilitate the fastest processing/packing/shipping the moment we get the items unloaded and received.

Credit card customers may also opt to pay for the pre-order in full at the time of order.

Pre-Orders paid for by any means other than credit card are due upon placement of order. This includes checks, money orders, cash, and PayPal.

Place a check in the PayPal check box, then submit the order.
The system will redirect you to PayPal to make your payment, either from your PayPal account or via their credit card processing option. Once your payment has been completed, you should be returned to the It-Figures website to complete your order. PLEASE NOTE: All orders placed using PayPal are paid in full at the time of order. If you do not want to pay for your item in full at the time of order, please use our credit card option instead.

Checks, money orders, and cash are more than welcome from our U.S. customers. If you would like to utilize one of these payment methods, simply add your items to the shopping cart, proceed to Checkout, then check the Pay by Check/Money Order checkbox prior to submitting your order. The address to pay for your order (which is due immediately), will be shown on the screen. Please note that your payment must be received at our office within 10 business days of order placement to secure your product(s) or pre-order slot. Unpaid orders will be cancelled.

Our mailing addres is:
1081 N Kraemer Pl Ste K
Anaheim CA 92806



All products listed on our website are brand new, first quality items purchased directly from manufacturers and/or authorized distributors, unless otherwise noted in the item's description. Final products may vary from the publicity photography provided by the manufacturers.

As we understand the collectible nature of many of the toys we offer, all items are guaranteed to be in case fresh condition unless otherwise noted. We are not professional toy graders, therefore we cannot guarantee "Mint" condition on product packaging. However, we will do our best to provide your toys in the best condition possible.

If an item required to fill your order is of questionable condition, we will attempt to contact you and describe the nature of any significant packaging defect(s) prior to shipping your order. The only exception is CLEARANCE merchandise (which may contain branded sales titles such as Bargain Bin, Brink of Insanity, DC Blowout, or other similar-type moniker.)

We do occassionally offer vintage pieces or items that were opened and used as showroom displays in one of our retail locations. These will be marked as such, including any noticeable defects in product or packaging, if applicable.



If an item is damaged during shipping, please contact us via email or our customer service phone number (listed at the bottom of this page) to report the damage. A return label will be provided for your merchandise (for U.S. customers only.) If a replacement is not available, the customer can choose to receive a refund, exchange, or a store credit.

International customers must return the damaged merchandise to us before any refunds or credit will be given for either the product or the return shipping fees.

ALL order cancellation requests MUST be submitted via email. We do not accept cancellations by phone. This is to protect the customer, as email creates a written history of your request and its subsequent outcome that can be later verified in the event that you receive something that you did not wish to receive.

ALL order cancellations and/or returns will be assessed a minimum 15% cancellation/ restocking fee. High-dollar items ($100+) and orders that are cancelled after they have already entered processing are subject to a higher cancel/restock fee of up to 25%. This is primarily because we are stuck paying the vendor for your item whether you end up purchasing it or not, plain and simple. It sucks, but it certainly isn't anything personal. The minimum cancel charge is $3.00

Unopened merchandise may be returned for a refund or store credit within 30 days of purchase, but the cancellation/restocking fee (as outlined above) does apply. Shipping charges for these returns are the responsibility of the customer. ALL returns require pre-authorization. Please do not send back items without contacting us first, as we will have no clue why we are receiving the goods and you will likely be waiting a VERY long time to see any sort of credit or exchange. Unopened item returns MUST be received in new, sellable condition in order for you to receive credit.

Once an item has been opened, the responsibility for warranty lies with the manufacturer. CornerStoreComics will not be held liable for broken toys that have been opened and "played with." We will try to help where we can, but our options may be limited. If you find hidden damage on a Sideshow Collectibles item upon receipt, please let us know immediately. Sideshow is excellent about helping us correct these issues whenever possible. Please keep in mind that the older a Sideshow piece gets, the less likely they will be able to help us though.

All sales are final on merchandise marked as clearance (which includes branded sales such as Bargain Bin, Deal of the Day, Brink of Insanity or any other titled sales as they occur.)

Please note that pre-orders cannot be 100% guaranteed. While pre-orders are one of our specialties, there may be instances where product gets cancelled, allocated, or damaged in shipping. While we take steps to try to mitigate as many of these things as possible, there may be times when one or more of these factors can create an availability issue that is beyond our control. Truth be told, any company that tells you that a pre-order is 100% guaranteed is either inexperienced or telling you what you want to hear in order to get your business. Our pre-order fill rate is over 99.6%.

Please feel free to contact us directly with any product or service concerns you may have. We would appreciate an opportunity to satisfy your service needs directly, prior to any external escalation procedures.



Pop! does not share any customer information with anyone. If you would like to receive solicitations for phony pharmacists, travel agents, and chat line operators, we recommend a search engine. Sorry.

Pop! does not utilize any ad-ware, spy-ware, or other evil mechanisms that result in pop-ups, spam, or other heinous invasions of electronic privacy. We absolutely despise that stuff. We assume that you do too. If you experience pop-ups while visiting our site, we highly recommend having your "cookies" cleaned, because a previous site that you (or someone you love) has visited has likely deposited some stank on your hard drive.

Credit Card Information: It is worth mentioning again. Your credit card information is not stored in any of our servers. We are an Authorize.net Verified Merchant, and all saved profiles are kept within Authorize.net's system. Authorize.Net is a solution of CyberSource Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of Visa. in other words, your credit card information is being protected by the company that sets the standards for protecting credit card information.



General Information

Shipping charges are based upon total (estimated) weight. To check your current shipping cost at any time, simply click "Shopping Cart" then click "Checkout" then proceed to the page where the shipping charges are shown.

Please note that quoted shipping rates (all methods) will not cover "split shipment" costs. If you order items with different release dates, your shipping costs will increase with the costs of sending each of the item's on their release dates. We recommend you order items with different release dates separately in order to avoid confusion about your shipping costs. If items on your order are due within a short time span of each other (two weeks or less), we will likely opt to hold the entire order to ship together by default.

If you would prefer not to have your order split for shipping, please place a note in the place a checkmark in the "CHARGE & HOLD" in the box on the final page of checkout for us to consolidate your merchandise to the fewest number of shipments possible. We will charge you for the items as they come available, then charge you for the shipping fees along with the final item(s) when they arrive, just prior to shipping your order. Please note that large orders may require more than one shipment to complete. In these cases, your items will be shipped as we accumulate a 'full box' worth of merchandise. No point in holding on to merchandise that cannot be combined any further. Also note that some items, due to their size, cannot be combined for shipping purposes. Usually there's just no way to pack anything together with an already huge statue or 'sealed case' of action figures.

Please note that CHARGE & HOLD orders that exceed the maximum box size will require the appropriate charges for each additional shipment.

Cancellations and/or changes on "Charge & Hold" items that have already been processed will incur a 20% restocking fee, as your "charge & hold" has prevented us from selling this merchandise to other customers while we've "stored" the product for you.

Something to keep in mind on the "Charge & Hold" option... Release dates often change, sometimes without any official notice (they just get late with no word whatsoever from the vendors.) If at any time a product gets delayed beyond your expectations, just give us a call or send us an email and we can revert you back to the default "ship as things arrive" option (at the appropriate adjusted cost.)

While not required, many of our customers prefer to place separate orders for products with different release dates. This method provides "peace of mind" in that the shipping rate is quoted on each order that is placed, with a definitive total. While we are quite trustworthy in setting honest & accurate rates on each "split" shipment package, some folks just aren't comfortable "not knowing the actual total cost" of their orders. We can understand that.

In stock merchandise is typically shipped within 1-2 business days following receipt of payment. Some exceptions may apply.

Pre-Ordered merchandise is typically shipped within 1-2 business days following the arrival of the merchandise at our warehouse, with full cases and "sets" receiving top priority. All other pre-orders are then processed in the order in which they were received. Unusually "large" pre-order releases may take longer to process/ship. There are also a few "extreme" times of the year (Toy Fair, San Diego Comic-Con, etc.) where shipping may be delayed for a pre-determined number of days. These events should be noted in the newsletter.

UPS Ground Shipping

Due to the changes made to the USPS Priority Mail rate calculation system last year, the new default shipping method for all domestic packages will now be UPS Ground. While not guaranteed, the typical delivery time is 3-8 days for UPS Ground. Some exceptions may apply, as these timeframes are not guaranteed by the carrier. UPS Ground is available to continental USA (all states except Alaska, Hawaii and Puerto Rico) customers only, and cannot be delivered to PO Boxes. UPS orders that are directed to PO Boxes will be upgraded to USPS Priority Mail at the customer's expense without prior notice.

Please note that residential UPS packages typically DO NOT REQUIRE a proof of delivery signature, so if you prefer to sign for your packages, please put a note in the Comments section of your order form during Checkout. Signature Confirmation will be included free of charge on UPS Ground shipments totaling $100 or more (unless you specifically request that we do not employ this service on your packages, at your own risk.) Signature Confirmation requests on packages worth less than $100 will be required to pay the Signature Confirmation request fee as assessed by UPS, which will be added to your bill. The customer assumes liability for any packages left unattended.

We do realize that there are many people who prefer the speed and reliability of the United States Postal Service, specifically Priority Mail. Despite the radical rate increases that have been implemented by the USPS, we are going to once again offer the service to the best of our ability.

It should be noted that MOST orders comprised of one, two or sometimes even three or more 7" scale figures will be able to ship USPS Priority Mail without being subject to the new dimensional "balloon" rates that impact boxes that are more than one cubic foot in size. PLEASE NOTE THAT IS NOT ALWAYS THE CASE.

Some lighter items that come in larger packaging (Street Fighter Preview, South Park, etc.) will often require shipping containers that are larger than the average action figure. This will cause these products to become subject to the "oversize" dimensional rate when purchasing multiple pieces on a single order.

We will do our best to NOTE these products when we know that this will be the case. We highly recommend using UPS Ground when ordering multiple pieces of these items, as the quoted USPS Priority Mail rates MAY NOT BE ACCURATE in the shopping cart. This could cause SEVERE delays to your order, as we will have to recalculate the rate, then contact you to let you know that the shipping will be about twice as much as what the cart calculator is telling you.

PLEASE KNOW that there is no easy way around this. The USPS, in all its infinite wisdom, did not take into account that online rate calculators ONLY work by weight and NOT by overall package size.

The reverse is also true of the new pitfalls of USPS Priority Mail rate calculation. If your actual shipping total is significantly less than the rate provided by the shopping cart (customers in or closer to California, large order consolidation savings, odd packaging allowances, etc.), we will adjust your shipping total down to reflect a realistic rate either before processing or following shipping (via refund.)

USPS Priority Mail Shipping

The time for USPS Priority Mail is approximately 2-3 business days from the time of shipping. This is NOT a guarantee; It is ONLY an estimate as provided by USPS. If you want a guaranteed expedited service, you will need to consider shelling out big bucks for USPS Express Mail.

All USPS Priority Mail shipments come with Delivery Confirmation free of charge. Delivery Confirmation is NOT an active tracking mechanism; It merely includes a confirmation scan upon shipping and another scan upon delivery.

Signature Confirmation will be added free of charge to shipments totaling more than $100. You can waive Signature Confirmation by including a note in the Comments section during Checkout, BUT YOU ASSUME ALL LIABILITY IN DOING SO.

Signature Confirmation can be added to any USPS Priority Mail shipment valued at less than $100. The cost to add this service is $2.00 per shipment, which will be added to your total during processing. To request this service, add a request to the Comments section during Checkout.

International Shipping

International orders are shipped via USPS Airmail (approximately 1-3 weeks, depending upon destination) or EMS Global Express (at a higher cost, but including insurance and faster delivery times.) There is no tracking provided with standard airmail shipping, and the customer assumes all liability for lost/damaged packages traveling to non-U.S. destinations using USPS Airmail. If you are concerned about being covered for loss/damage, PLEASE choose USPS Global Express Mail.

If an international customer chooses an in ineligible shipping option during Checkout, CSC will change the shipping option to an appropriate shipping option and adjust the shipping rates accordingly. Customers with destinations outside North America should NOT choose any option that says USA ONLY or CANADA in the shipping description. Please pay attention people.

International orders from new customers may be held until we are able to verify proper receipt of funds. We apologize for any inconvenience, but due to the amount of fraudulent credit card activity that originates from overseas, we must take steps to protect ourselves from those few bad people who are trying to spoil it for everyone else. It's a better option than discontinuing foreign shipments altogether. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this policy. Once you have been established as a legitimate paying international customer, your future orders will not be delayed from prompt shipping.

When international orders require us to ship multiple packages (due to parcel size restrictions set by your country or due to split shipments for items with multiple release dates) your shipping rates WILL BE HIGHER than the shopping cart rates shown. The shopping cart is not able to determine these "multiple package" parameters on its own, and there is no shipping discount offered to us by the shipping company to ship more than one international package at a time. We will adjust your shipping fees accordingly to cover our shipping costs.

We cannot be responsible for any Customs fees or taxes assessed on packages entering foreign destinations. We have no control over foreign entity's right and/or ability to tax their citizens.


Please feel free to contact us with any rants, raves, comments, questions, or suggestions by email (info@popcomicshop.com)

Our local/international phone number is 1-657-230-9121.
Our fax number is... wait. Do people still fax stuff? Weird.

Our warehouse & offices are located at:

1081 N Kraemer Pl Ste K
Anaheim CA 92806

Our retail store is located at:

Pop! Comics & Culture Emporium
203 W Center St Promenade
Anaheim CA 92805

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